My life in a Nutshell

My Life

Most people who know me now know I lived in Marblehead and little else.

Things I’ve done:

Lived in
Ames, IA
Colon, Panama
Alexandria, VA (2 houses)
Indianapolis, IN (4 houses)
Moorestown, NJ
Troy, NY
Haddonfield, NJ
Thule AFB, Greenland
Clear, Alaska
Colorado Springs, CO
Hopewell, NJ
Princeton, NJ (2 houses)
Philadelphia, PA
Waltham, MA
Marblehead, MA (2 houses)
Ota, Tokyo, Japan
[22 addresses in 16 locations]

North England (Moors)
Mexico – several places
Canada – several places
China – many places
Japan – many places
Greece and islands
Costa Rica
US Virgin Islands
Most US states

Bachelor and Master degrees Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
RCA David Sarnoff Fellowship

1/3 single engine airplane (Stinson Voyager)
TR3 Triumph sports car
Citroen DS-10 auto
½ 43’ C&C Sailboat
Sailed Bermuda race
To/from Bermuda several times
St Thomas & islands may times
Buzzard’s Bay frequently

Arlene Lois Pendleton 1957-1984 deceased
Daughter and son and 4 grandchildren
Sharon Louise Smith 1993-2013 deceased

Worked for:
RCA 16 years
Day & Zimmermann consulting firm
Was creator of world class computer model for railroads
DNS Associates Inc- co-founder & ½ owner
Railroad consulting, software development & sales

Member of Princeton NJ congregation
VP RE for a while
Member of Marblehead MA congregation
Pres BOT 2 years

WISH Started successful program for Asian students at SSU

Projects while in High school
Build 3 oscilloscopes from scratch
Built amatuer radio transmitter
Ground mirror for 8” reflector
Built telescope with that mirror
Designed and built drive system for the telescope
Active Boy Scout