UU Congregation of Marblehead

OK, so that’s not its name (as of this writing – September 2016).  But it should be! The Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead  is

  • Not Unitarian
  • Not Universalist
  • Not a church.

I am probably a thorn in the side of many members, but I feel strongly that we (the congregation) need to make changes.  And why is that?

Religion in America is fading away.  In some ways, I am glad, but in others, I think it is a net loss for the country.  Here are some facts (extracted from http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/09/14/the-factors-driving-the-growth-of-religious-nones-in-the-u-s/):

  • Americans who are not religiously active and who don’t hold strong religious beliefs are more likely now than similar people were in the past to say they have no religion
  • Another factor is generational change. If you think of America as a house of many different faiths, then instead of imagining the “nones” as a roomful of middle-aged people who used to call themselves Presbyterians, Catholics or something else but don’t claim those labels anymore, imagine the unaffiliated as a few rooms rapidly filling with nonreligious people of various backgrounds, including young adults who have never had any religious affiliation in their adult lives.

I think it is a loss when people abandon all religion.  I also think the rise of the unaffiliated is somehow linked to the rise in “Trumpism”.  I wish I could understand that better.  It is not difficult to envision the end of our congregation in the coming decades.

UUism provides a safe home for many unaffiliateds.  The problem is – very few have any idea what UUism is.  It is our duty to be very visible to the public, to tell our story, and to be careful not to put up barriers.  Such as mis-labeling ourselves as Unitarians, Universalists,, and a church.   After that, the activities – from sermons to social action to religious exploration for kids to caring to social events is important.