About Trash

i know, you don’t like having to separate trash from recycling materials.  Paper and cardboard in one place, metal, glass and plastic in another, and the rest in a third.  And put it all on the street one day a week.

Well, it ain’t like that in Japan!!

There are nine categories:
Newspaper and fliers
Magazines and scrap paper (wrapping paper, box and letter paper, toilet paper and other tubes, erc)
Cardboard boxes (remove shipping papers, tape, erc)
Drink and food bottles (remove caps)
Food and drink cans
Food trays (that you can stick a toothpick in)
Plastic bottles
Combustibles (all else that is burnable)

If that’s not enough, you must remove all tape, shipping labels, etc., from cardboard and tie it in bundles.
There is more about preparation that I won’t bore you with!
Combustibles must be put out before 8 am on Monday and Thursday – the others before 8 an on Saturday.