My address

You might be interested in my address – it is

Apt 201 Kitamura Mansion
4-2-4 Miname Magone
Ota ku.  
 Japan T 143-0025

So what does this mean?

Apartment 201 means second floor, unit 1 (of 2 in this case).

The name of this building is Kitamura Mansion.  Kitamura means north town, just a name.
Mansion means it is a strongly built building – concrete walls and flooring, so less sound goes through the walls (many apartments have seemingly paper walls, so you can here your neighbor sneeze or whatever) and perhaps more importantly, so it is better able to withstand an earthquake.
i live in a section of the city called Miname Magome. Miname Magome is further divided into smaller sections – I am in section 4.  Each block in the section has a number; I am on block 2.  And this is the 4th house built on this block.  Hence, 4-2-4 – house #. block number, section #.

I am in Ota ku (ku means a ward or city) in Tokyo Municipality. Tokyo is on of the 47 prefectures (states) of Japan, and is comprised of 23 wards (cities).

T 143-0025 is the postal code. The T should have a bar over it, but it is not available with this keyboard. I don’t know how it works. I do know from experience. That if you get it wrong, your letter will not be delivered.