Reiko Asahina Marcos

About six years ago I was looking for a Japanese tutor.  Mt late friend Sally Allphin suggested I contact her sister in law Reiko.  I did, and from then to now, we have met for one hour almost every week.  I have learned a great deal of Japanese language and grammar – although with no one to use it with the other 167 hours, I do a lot of learning and forgetting!

Reiko ko is a very accomplished woman – she teaches special needs children in the public school system, teaches Japanese to young nisei children,  writes a column for the Japanese Times – published in New York, makes jewelry and Nantucket lighthouse baskets, and more.

When Sharon passed, Reiko was a source of stability that was a very important part of my adjusting to a new life.  Reiko’s husband lives near Tokyo, where he has a very good job as a lawyer, while Reiko lives hear in order to raise her son Kai – now 17. – in Ame Rica.  Kai now attends Phillips Andover Academy – plays baseball seriously and is a good student.

For the past two years,  Reiko and I have done many things together – eating in many different restaurant s, drinking, shopping, going places, seeing shows.

Today that phase of our lives came to an end as we said goodbye.  We will continue to write and see each other.  For her, it is a change in our friendship: for me it is also the end of a romantic dream.