Destination: Japan

In her last week of life, Sharon whispered to me “I want you to have a wonderful life”.

She had already given me a wonderful life, but I promised I would do it for her.

  • After a year of adjusting to her loss, I decided to go to Japan and study Japanese language.  The reasons include:
  • The house is too big for me – I needed to downsize and move somewhere.
  • Although I had studied Japanese with my wonderful sensei Reiko Asahina Marcos, with only one hour a week and no one to talk with the other 167, I was learning at a pathetically slow rate.
  • I had been to Japan four previous times, and loved it.
  • Between the Ota-Salem connection and the WISH program, I had many friends in Japan.

So I decided to go.  But first I had to complete the duties as chair if the UUCM Tricentennial Committee.  So I applied to a language school in Tokyo beginning in October 2016.

I will go to Japan in August, after two weeks of visiting friends in China.  I plan to spend one or two years studying Japanfes  language and culture.

I will attend Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin, the Japanese Language Institute, in Shinjyuku – the heart of Tokyo.

Stay tuned!