Viet Nam friend

Sometime around 1982 maybe!

I attended a railroad conference in California,. In te eveningwe went to anamusement park, where I fell inwith sone friends fromthe conference. We came across a parachute jump. All but one man and Iwent off to jump. The one mzan then told me this story:
During rve VietNam waarhe was a ordinary soldier. One day he was flying back from R&R when he commented on seeing “all those tanks below”. The officer next to himlooked and saw nothing. He asked if my friend was color blind, and he was. The next day he got orders transfering him to a reconnaissance unit.
The r econ missions were typically in a PiperCub – a smallv unarmed light aircraft. Several times the plane was shot up and he had to parachute to safety. He had no interest in jumping again.