Elevator comic

One day Newt Swain, Jim Newkirk, and I wen t to Phildelphia to att end a conference. It was on the top 8th) floor of the Bellvue Stratford Hotel. Just before lunch break we decided to leave. Got on the elevator. It was pretty full. The elevator stopped on 7, and a man got on and faced the doors. As the elevator started down, the guy said “Did any one push 5?”. Newt was directly in front of the buttons, so he dutifully pushed 5. The elevator stopped at 5 and thhe doors opened. No one got on, no one got off. Finally the doors closed and we continued on doen. The guy in fron tstarted talking very quietly, saying things like why did he push 5? No one asked for 5. Is there some kind of nut case here? He kept this quiet talk going, and everyone was getting nervous. When the elevator reached the first floor, the doors opened, the man stepped out, turned around with a big smile and say hi to everyone. It was Joey Bishop, then one of America’s leading stage and TV comocs with a perfect sense of timimg!