Santa Hugh

in mid December, I accompanied my classmate Jan to Shin Urasawa, where we met with a small group of retired Japanese who get together weekly in the city community center to talk in the in English.  When we were about to leave, a community center staff member approached me and asked if Ni would be Santa Claus for their pre-school program.  It seemed like fun, so I agreed.  On December 21, I donned an outfit they provided, picked up my bag, and spent the next couple of hours meeting about 150 children from toddler to maybe 5-6 years old.

I had only to say Merry Christmas with a bit of Japanese accent.  First I visited each of the classrooms, scaring the smallest, and anticipated by the older kids.  The we all gathered in a large room, where I sat on the side while each group sang Christmas songs.  Then photos with each class in their rooms.

One precious little girl made sure I saw that she too was dressed as Santa.  I asked the official photographer to take a picture, but forgot to ask Jan, who took pictures for me, to do the same.

Maybe again next year – who knows!