Ames Iowa

We lived at 244 Campus Avenue,

Dad was chief engineer for WOI – the Iowa State College (now University) radio station, which is now an NPR station in Des Moines  His Master of EE degree was awarded for construction of an antenna for the station.

My first memories are of Ames.

Across the street lived Cheryl Peyton, whose father owned a grocery store.

I remember the woods ar the end of the street where I heard mourning doves.  And playing on the locomotive on the Iowa State College campus – later turned into iron for the war effort.

Once, when Aunt Marie and maybe others was visiting, I managed to  pull the coffee pot off the table by tugging on its cord, scalding myself.  So I’m tole

I started s\chool (kindergarten I assume) in Ames.

We lived at 244 Campus Avenue.  Looking at the house on Google Maps inspires no memories!