My stuff arrived!

I left America almost two months ago. I packed two pair of slacks, the pair of shorts, and about 15 short sleeve shirts. Ready for summer, and indeed it was hot in China – excepting Inner Mongolia which was pleasantly warm. And hot when I got to Tokyo and took 15 or so Ihirts to the cleaners.

I could not have my stuff shipped from Marblehead until I had an address here. Then it took a while. Yamato, the transportation company with offices in Boston, had to make sure it would get through the fussy Japanese customs folks. I had to ask Women on the Move, my agent in Marblehead, to remove a package of shells because certain shells cannot be imported and I didn’t know what kind they were.

Anyway, we got through all that, and this morning the four boxes arrived at my door. Yay!

I feel like I have been camping here for all this time. Niw I feel like I live here! Just have to find places to store it all now . . .