I was born in Nebraska but never had residence there.

In 1934 Dad was chief engineer of WOI – the radio station of Iowa State College in Ames Iowa.  The country was deep in the depression, and pay was minimal.  Since his father was a doctor, he drove mom to Eagle Nebraska where I was delivered by my grandfather and in due time he returned and drove us back to Iowa.

My aunt Jean Marie was a teenager, and I was the first baby she ever held.

I was also the first grandchild, and grandfather Stewart ws so pleased that he forgot to file the birth certificate until fall.

My parents were married on June 8, 1933 and I was born on March 9, 1934 – 9 months and 1 day later.  With the late filing, I suspect the Doctor (as he was always called) could have fudged the date.  Jean Marie assured me that that wasn;t the case – Eagle had a population of about 200  and everyone would have been counting.  And mom arrived from the one room school house in western Nebraska just before the wedding, so there was no time for hanky panky.