Cold rainy day

i arrived in Japan just about one month ago.  It was stinky. Hot!

Today there is a steady cold rain.  I am reminded that many apartments here are not heated.  I have two heater/air conditioner units that do a great job.

I hope my goods arrive from Marblehead soon – all my winter clothes are there.  The paperwork for customs has been holding it up.  The shipping company – Yamato Transport – is very fussy about making sure that there is no problem wit Japanese customs.  Had ro remove a string of shells, put a value on a box of photographs, etc.  I’m sure this will be very helpful getting through customs when it arrives.  Though I am also sure Japan customs will find some problem!

Thanks to Women on the Move, who also did all my packing, for being my shipping agent.

Later in the afternoon I walked down to PC Depot.  After a very long session using my iPad translator, I bought a cheap Canon printer/scanner.  It will be delivered Saturday.