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i meet with three women and separately with a retired couple to h old English Conversations.   The firs t gqup decided we should have a party at my apartment, and  i included the couple.  I provided sushi and one woman – Kazuko san – provided much more food – salad, potatos au gratin, lasagna, eggplant dengaku, and more.

Kazuko Iizuka san kalso presented me with a silk happi that she made from from kimonos.

The group picture does not include the retired couple, who came a bit later.  They used to live in this same apartment.

Shinagawa History Museum

Hozum Shiosaka and Aya Murase and I got together for lunch and a trip to the Shinagawa History Museum.

We ate at Shangri La in the Omori railroad station, the walked (in the rain, the edge of a typhoon) to Shinagawa (1/2 mile).  The museum features the Omori shell mounds and the Tokaido road, among other things.  The first post of the Tokaido Road, which connected Tokyo and Kyoto during the Edo period, was here.  People travelling the road could stop here to rest, shop, etc.

Unfortunately, no photos allowed on the main floor, but upstairs . . .



Ota Global City Fair

Being the home of Tokyos Haneda Airport,  and anticipating the 2020 Olympics, Ota City is calling itself a global city, and promoting tourism and more.  To this end, it held a Global City Festival.  Some 91 domestic andt international cuties, countries and businesses had booths.  In addition thee were seven food trucks and two stages with various performances.

Two Ota Ckoity employees (both named Yukiko) and I manned a booth promoting the sister city relationship of Ota and Salem MA.

An estimated 28,000 people attended the event.

Anjin san

In 1600, William Adams landed in Japan – the first Englishman to do so.  He became a friend of  Ieyasu – who soon after became Shogun and created the Edo period.  Adams was called Anjin san (navigator).  He was named hata moto samurai – a personal council to the Shogun.  He had an estate south of Edo – now Tokyo, and a town house near the Shogun’s castle in Edo.

I spent almost two hours trying to find where his  house had been , thanks mostly to iPhone”s GPS, which does not like tall buildings.  It is in Nihon Bashi -Japan Bridge – on Anjin street, but since streets normally don’t have names, that doesn’t help find it!

School lunch

back in 2007, and again two times in 2017, i had lunch with the students i middle school in Ota ku.  This video is from another city, but it pretty much tells the same story.

Imagine this in America . . .

Murase Family

Aya Murase was a Salem State student from Reitaku University..  he 2012-3 session.  She spent a lot of time with us as a WISH student.  The family came to visit her and I got to drive the around and take them to lunch.  Now I  was the guest of the Murase family at a superb restaurant owned by Kikkoman.  It was sodrt of Beni Hana style without the drama.  Those white blocks are ice cream!